The Pros And Cons Of Renewable Energy Sources

The life is incomplete without TV, internet, radio, home appliances, and computers, etc. It does not mean that these things are essential to breathing, but it is a fact that the people who have become used to cannot live comfortably without these items. But to operate all these things you need energy. There are various sources of energy that have their pros and cons. The primary sources of energy are:

  • Non-renewable energy sources
  • Renewable energy sources

The non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels can be finished. However, the renewable energy sources can be generated again.

Pros Of Renewable Energy Sources:

Ask a teenage can he live without the electricity. His answer will be no as when there is no electricity there is no comfort. The science has made the life more comfortable as you just have a source of energy and push the button to do the job. For example, you just need to push the button to turn the light on.

The renewable energy sources are those that can be created again as already discussed. The renewable energy sources include wind energy, solar energy, hydro energy, biomass and geothermal, etc.

The advantage of wind and solar energy is that they are available in plenty so are free. You just need to pay the installation cost. You do not need to pay for the sunlight or the wind. In the remote areas where there is no electricity available you can build the wind farms or can install the solar plates. The maintenance cost of the solar energy is not that high. Just keep them clean, and it does not take much time at all.

The biomass is another type of renewable energy and is the cheapest among all. You can generate the biomass energy from the waste of animals and plants etc. and it is not costly at all. The most commonly used type of power is the hydropower. Geothermal energy is also environment-friendly as the scientists generate it by collecting heat from the earth crust.

Cons Of Renewable Energy Sources:

The wind farms need notable capital investment, and not everyone has enough money to build the wind farms. The solar energy is available in plenty, but it is not beneficial in the areas where the direct sunlight is not available. If your plates have not charged and the weather is cloudy, then there is no use of the solar energy.

Biomass is the cheapest source of energy, but it pollutes the air. Also, you cannot burn the biomass if you live in the city. The biomass can harm the environment, so the most of people do not like it. Hydropower is another renewable energy source. But the problem is that you need the plenty of water to generate electricity. Also, you need fuel to operate turbines.

Life without energy is not comfortable at all as people have almost addicted to the use of electronic items and machines.

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