Monogram tumblr

So what is your take on gifting? Expensive gifts or unique gifts? Expensive gifts are okay, people do remember such gifts to some extent. But how about unique gifts that leave an impression on the mind of the recipient? These are really gifts that people often keep as mementoes of love, affection and care. So, how about a monogram etched gift to your beloved or your near or dear ones. This can really be a unique gift. You can rest assured that there are not many people who gift such monogram inscribed gifts. But what kind of surface you are thinking about inscribing with these monograms. You can use different surfaces such as cups, plates, tumblers etc. Why these things? You may ask. The reason behind selecting these items is that the monogramed item should always be in proximity to the user. Since a drink ware or a cup is near the user most of the time of the day, a monogram tumbler can be a unique way to make your presence felt.

The variety

There is a huge variety in the types of monogram tumbler available in the market. There can be so many different types of them that you would feel overwhelmed. Cursive monogram of the first two alphabets of your name on white background is one of the most popular ones. You can also get Customized yeti tumbler, intertwined monogram tumbler, stainless steel tumblers, glittering single letter monogram pots engraved with symbols, Insulated stainless steel tumbler etc. You can get engraved cups and glasses too. But what is more significant is that you can customize various tumblers with specific quotes, monograms of names or other things that make it a memorable one. There are custom etched glasses and cups, wine tumbler, double wall tumbler with monogram etc.

In fact the type of Custom monogram tumbler is huge. You can get several of them where there is nothing written or inscribed on them. You can buy a yeti tumbler, inscribe the alphabets of your name on them or draw something you like about the person or stuff like that. You can gift such things to your friends. These are not very costly, but you can earn the affection of the recipient by gifting such stuff. There are people who by blank cups and tumblers, etch name and monograms on them and sent to their relatives or friends. A nice quote or an image or just the name with, may be, a picture of yours can be a good memento. Such pieces can also be used as decorative pieces and as wine glasses. The idea is to make the piece endearing and so that the recipient loves to keep it with them memento. You can get different type of monogram tumbler such as vintage ones.

Unique gifts

Such tumblers can be very unique, but inexpensive gifts that you can gift to a host of people such as your friends, colleagues, batch mates or people like that. You can order such tumblers online and select a number of beautiful and unique monogram tumblers.